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Lose yourself in an Arabian Nights inspired surf paradise, a corner of wild and untouched beauty. Sidi Kaouki is famous for its waves, wind and laid back surf culture, only a few km south of bustling Essaouira. Sidi Kaouki Surf Station offers all-inclusive surfing packages, special themed surf camps and equipment rental. In our restaurant terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view with fresh drinks and tasty food. Come and enjoy it with us surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or stand up paddling!


Beach Riding and Surfing

17.11.2019 - 24.11.2019


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01.12.2018 - 31.08.2020


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Sidi Kaouki’s Best Surf Lessons, Surf Rentals, Yoga, Camps, and Restaurant in Morocco.

Sidi Kaouki Restaurant and Cafe 

– The Best Food in Sidi Kaouki

Built by surfers, for surfers – the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station Restaurant and Cafe boasts the best post-wave grub in Sidi Kaouki, a small town south of Essaouira. Enjoy your food on our rooftop while watching one of Morocco’s most amazing sunsets. If you need some liquid energy, ask for a Moroccan mint tea to revive your day of surfing or kitesurfing! We offer authentic Moroccan and international food from our ever changing menu – fresh local seafood, tasty vegetarians options, and hearty burgers – no matter your preference, we guarantee our restaurant and cafe has something for everybody!

Sidi Kaouki Surf Lessons and Equipment

Sidi Kaouki Surf School has had a straightforward mission since day one – provide the most impressive collection of surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP equipment in all of Sidi Kaouki and Essaouira. 

We have equipment for any level, preference, or condition,  and hire is available anywhere from a few hours to a full week. If you are new to the sport, our staff offers lessons that can get you up on your board in just a few hours, and if you are a pro we offer you our advanced lessons to further hone your skills and perfect your technique. 

No matter your style, the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station will ensure that your holiday is as action-packed (or relaxed) as you would like.

Sidi Kaouki Camps and Retreats

Sidi Kaouki Surf Station offers some of the most unique experiences you can find in Morocco. If you want an authentic Berber nomadic experience, we can arrange a multi-day horseback/quad trek (80 km) to surf Morocco’s most remote beaches. If sunset yoga on Sidi Kaouki beach is your thing, nama’stay with us! We even offer airport transfer. The empty stretch of beach directly in front of our building offers the perfect lineup for those interested in kitesurfing. We can also facilitate group surf trips to nearby beaches like Imsaoune, L’Qued, and even a secret beach. The locals in Sidi Kaouki are some of the friendliest people in all of Morocco and they eagerly welcome those who come to ride waves. Whether you want to windsurf all day, visit a hammam, ride a camel/quad along the crashing ocean waves, or indulge in a peaceful beach snooze, you will never run out of things to do at the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station camps and retreats.

Home Station

Sidi Kaouki CAMPS

Shared joy is truly double the joy. Have fun meeting likeminded people and improve your surfing, yoga, kite surfing, windsurfing, SUP and horseriding skills as you learn from the pros in Sidi Kaouki. Our attentive coaches will help you to push yourself whilst making you feeling at ease in a comfortable and fun environment.


Sidi Kaouki all-inclusive PACKAGES

Never has it been easier to book your dream holiday! Discover your ideal all-inclusive package whilst saving money and time. With pre-arranged accommodation, transfers, rental car, surf hire and lessons in Sidi Kaouki you can enjoy a hassle free holiday that meets your individual holiday needs and expectations.


Customize your holiday in Sidi Kaouki

You know what you want! Create and tailor your very own surf holiday by booking your transfer, hotel and equipment hire all together on our website. Book directly online and have your stress-free holiday booked and confirmed within minutes! Feel free to customize your stay in Sidi Kaouki.


Questions or booking Issues

If you have any questions or bookings issues, do not hesitate to contact us over Chat, Email: [email protected] or Phone: (+212) 672044016! And please leave us a note if something is not working with our website.

We are always here for you!

Surfing in Morocco, Essaouira & Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki Hotels, Hostels, and Apartments | Sidi Kaouki’s Best Accommodation in Morocco

Sidi Kaouki Surf Station (the coolest surf camp in Essaouira) can introduce you to Sidi Kaouki’s hotels, hostels in Sidi Kaouki, and everything in between. We help accommodate individuals, couples, and surfing groups of any size – while other Morocco surf schools traditionally only offer 1 house for all participants. From morning sunrise to the amazing nightly sunsets, the view of the beach is incredible no matter your vantage point. Every room in the city is walking distance to the famous beaches of Sidi. Horses and camels walk along the ocean waves as people are windsurfing in the background. It’s quite a picturesque scene… and only found in this small peaceful town. No matter your budget, Sidi Kaouki Surf Station can provide the ideal room for your experience. Whether you want a romantic hotel near Essaouira or a family-style apartment, we offer what you need. If you’re more interested in a Berber camping experience, our Sidi Kaouki surf school can also arrange a multi-day horseback trek to surf the best remote beaches. All you need to do is focus on the waves as we handle the tents, cook traditional tagine, and make bonfires for your group. There is a common expression – ‘home is where the heart is’ – that sentiment could not be more true than in the city of Sidi Kaouki. Your stay will be welcomed by the happy locals of Sidi Kaouki who live in neighboring buildings. Whether it’s the smile of a little old lady making argan oil or the sight of kids playing football as the sun sets, there is a friendly, laid back nature in this town that instantly puts you at ease.

Stop Surfing the Web and Surf Sidi Kaouki, Moroccan hidden surf spot !!!

Sidi Kaouki Kitesurf | Sidi Kaouki Windsurf | Sidi Kaouki SUP

The beaches of Sidi Kaouki offer the best surfing conditions along the coast of Morocco. The area is a sleepy surf town known for its likeness to Bali or Byron (before they became too populated with tourists). The exposed beach break has reliable surf that is unaffected by the tide year-round. Waves are generally between 1 – 3 meters high which is very accomodating for beginners, but still challenging for those with experience. There aren’t many spots in the world where it is this comfortable to hit the waves. You won’t find sharp rocks, coral, sharks, or anything detrimental to surfers in the water here. The Kaouki stretch isn’t the only beach to surf – there are actually quite a few spots to shred. A short car/quad ride can take you to any of these hidden bays. There are spots with point breaks, riff break, and beach breaks. And if you are just a beginner, we will recommend that you stick to the sandy beaches 🙂 Our Sidi Kaouki Surf Station staff grew up surfing these waves and can teach you a lot about the area. We offer rental boards for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. Whether you want a longboard, a shortboard, a softboard, a hardboard, or even a boogie board… we have what you need! And, at the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station, safety is of the utmost importance. We are are the only surf station that sends jet skis out with first time kitesurfers and windsurfers, to ensure maximum safety. Essaouira surf spots are celebrated for clear reasons – there is a peaceful easy feeling and ideal waves no matter the time of day. Don’t let surfing in Morocco be a pipe dream – our surf instructors can get you to stand on the board in a day and ride green waves in a week. We offer insurance for every type of board, because the only thing you want to break are the waves!

Kitesurfing in Morocco

Sidi Kaouki is one of the world’s best kitesurfing spots. You’ll have nice winds, long stretches of untouched beach, and you don’t have to worry about huge crowds in your path. After all, busy beaches are a huge hazard for kitesurfers. Sidi’s 5 kilometer fine sand bay makes it easy to self launch on your own terms and land your kite without any struggles. If self launches aren’t your cup of mint tea, our instructors can walk you through the process in French, English, Spanish, or Moroccan Arabic. After all, a significant number of people who visit the Kaouki village on holiday are beginners at the sport! There aren’t many places in the world where the conditions are right for people to kitesurf AND surf in the same water. The only other beaches in the world that have the right combination of sideshore/side-onshore winds AND swells are in Mauritius, South Africa, and Hawaii. If you’re living in Europe, flights to those beaches could cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to kitesurf in Sidi Kaouki, we’re only a 4 hour flight away! Thermals and local weather patterns have a serious impact on kitesurfing conditions anywhere. Ask any of our kitesurfers about the weather and they can tell you the forecast for the next week. The wind quality here is consistent and steady. Beach conditions are in line with the likes of Hookipa or Sunset Beach. The winds, waves and kites are ready — all they need is you!

Wind Surfing in Sidi Kaouki | A Wind-Wind Situation in Morocco

Strong steady winds make the beach of Sidi Kaouki an optimal location for windsurfing. It’s such an ideal area for the sport, there’s even a wind turbine farm a few kilometers away – so one might say there are a lot of big fans of Sidi Kaouki. It is no wonder this sport has captivated thousands here and become “addictive” to those who have fallen in love with the thrill. At the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station, we pride ourselves in renting out the best windsurfing equipment in Essaouira proper. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we can rent you the right sails, masts, booms, and boards for your body. We start beginners off with small sails so you don’t have to pull heavy weight out of the water when you fall. Base jumping, snowboarding, bouldering – there are a lot of amazing sports that are difficult and take a long time to learn. Windsurfing in Sidi Kaouki is great because anyone can get immediate results. Our staff can get you sailing back and forth in the first hour. With our expert windsurfers, you can be on your own in just a day’s time! Anyone can windsurf! We’ve seen young, old, tall, short, and athletic people – even those who are big fans of McDonalds – every type of person can have success with this sport! One might even say that windsurfing is a breeze. While surfing uses the force of waves, windsurfing uses the wind to propel the ride forward. The sport is a beautiful mix of sailing and surfing. From June to August, the always reliable wind is at its strongest, reaching around 12 knots. There’s a reason why the area is seen as an uncontested ruler of Moroccan windsurfing beaches.

What’s SUP

SUP, also known as stand-up paddleboarding, has recently entered the watersport scene. Like windsurfing and kitesurfing, this sport offers a new and exciting experience outside of regular surfing. Originating in Polynesia, SUP did not become globally popular until about 20 years ago. The “beach boys” of Waikiki would stand up on their longboards and use oars to steer while they watched their students in surf classes. Eventually, this sport exploded and people began trying to SUP everywhere; including lakes, rivers and man-made ponds. SUP surfing in Morocco is a different experience than simply standing up on a paddle board and paddling through a lake. The ocean waves make this sport dynamic and exciting. You can paddle your way through large waves and actually use the oar as leverage. If you want a slower pace, you paddle yourself out past the waves and enjoy a serene work-out under the warm Moroccan sun. Here at the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station, you can rent Beginner and Pro SUP boards! Sidi Kaouki is a great place to learn how to SUP, as the waves and wind mean there is always something to get after. Surf in the morning, SUP in the afternoon, and windsurf at dusk! The possibilities are endless. Come see what’s SUP at the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station and find out for yourself!

Morocco – A Dream Surf Destination

With its’ perfect year-round climate and North Atlantic swells, Morocco is a dream destination for surfers around the world. Given it’s close proximity to Europe, and low cost-of-living, Morocco attracts many surfers (and aspiring surfers) who are seeking waves and warmer weather for their holidays! With its rich culture and wide-range of surfing options, Morocco makes for a unique experience for surfers of all levels. For other watersports, Morocco has some of the most reliable winds in the world, allowing for great windsurfing and kitesurfing all year long. With a rating of 70-80% wind reliability, you can expect to windsurf or kitesurf during your stay in Morocco. Due to its’ strong year-round winds and epic ocean waves, Morocco is sought after as an ideal windsurfing and kitesurfing location. With thousands of kilometers of coastline, beautiful white sand beaches, and year-round warmth and sunshine, Morocco is quickly becoming one of the top surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing destinations in the world. Where else can you surf the beautiful ocean waves all day, and then enjoy some authentic Berber tagine and Moroccan mint tea while watching the sunset on the horizon? Come surf Morocco on your next holiday and experience this one-of-a-kind place for yourself.

Essaouira - The Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Hub of Morocco

Essaouira is one of Morocco’s oldest and most well-known port cities. Located in the middle of the Moroccan coastline and behind a large island called Mogador, Essaouira has always been a prosperous city due to it’s safe harbor and rich culture. There is even evidence that this corner of the world has been occupied since prehistoric times! Now-a-days, this cultural hub is home to one of the world’s biggest windsurfing and kitesurfing industries. What makes Essaouira ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing? Well, due to the convergence of offshore winds and downshore winds, along with the shape of the beach and proximity to the Northeast trade winds, this special place receives reliable year-round winds and large swells which makes windsurfing and kitesurfing quite exciting. Essaouira is consistently sought out by windsurfing and kitesurfing pros, as well as enthusiasts who want the perfect conditions to pick up the sport. Not into windsurfing or kitesurfing? Well, the perfect “storm” of conditions listed earlier also make Essaouira and surrounding beaches the ideal place to learn how to surf. From about 9am – 11am in the morning, the winds are active but not too strong, allowing beginner surfers to hit wave after wave close to the shore, perfecting their technique and posture. It’s no mystery why Essaouira is a world-class destination for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Come surf Essaouira to experience these waves for yourself!

Sidi Kaouki Beach - Morocco’s Best Kept Secret

Just 20 km South of Essaouira, you can find Morocco’s most precious hidden gem, the beach of Sidi Kaouki. This sleepy, surf town is home to one of the world’s best beaches for windsurfing and kitesurfing. It is here that you can find big waves, strong winds, and happy hearts. With a 500-year history of being a town for pilgrimage and healing, it is no wonder that people still flock to this town to reconnect with themselves and nature, recharge their batteries, and ride some serious waves. Located between two tourist hubs, Essaouira and Agadir, Sidi Kaouki is the perfect place for water-sport enthusiasts and those wishing to explore “off the beaten path”. This small town is built entirely around surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. You can easily explore this city in a day, or set up shop and stay for months. Camel rides on the beach, windy naps, quads through the dunes. This city is the perfect place to “get lost”, and feel at home all at the same time. At the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station, we never meet a stranger. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is family. Come stay with us at the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station to experience Morocco, and all that it has to offer!
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