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Kitesurf Board

Kitesurf Board

In Sidi Kaouki all level kite surfers can have lots of fun. From the beginner to crack freestyle and wave riding.

The conditions in Sidi Kaouki are perfect for your first dry training. You will have endless wide lonely sandy beaches without any risk of getting in trouble with anyone or anything even during beach training or with bodydragging. Not even one stone or rock in the water will handicap you. Constant blowing wind helps you to get a good feeling of the kite very fast.

Cracks will love the clean beachbreack with sideshore conditions to use the Atlantic as their playground. Nearly everyday you will have the chance to go into water, since there’s always more wind than in the surrounding of Essaouira. The 5km long bay of find sand makes it easy to self launch and land your kite without any struggles.


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