Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Sidi Kaouki Club chergui kaouki – Sidi Kaouki a la plage – Ma-Essaouira


We are responsible for the reservation of material and lessons. Conditions as per particulars given below. We are not responsible for the hotel-, transfer- and the rental car and other- services. We are just middleman. In case the desired hotel should not have your room available, we will make substitute offers of the same category or better. All our partners are absolutely loyal and faithful. But of curse we will do everything to solve any problem you might have with our partners. During your whole holiday we will be at your disposal person of contact. You are responsible for everything not happening in the club.(Car journeys, damage to persons and things, journey to – and from etc.)  

1. Contractual partner/contractual commitment

These General Conditions of Business cover rental agreements for surf material made in the online booking system at www.Sidi-kaouki.com between Sidi Kaouki club referred to as renter below, and the customer referred to as hire below. The minimum age of the Hirer must be 18. If the Hirer is younger than this, then the rental agreement can be made on their behalf only by their legally recognised guardian. The rental agreement is activated by the Renter confirming the booking and by the Hirer making payment.

2. Contracted equipment/other services

Rental material: Windsurfing boards/rigs, other relevant equipment Other services: instruction courses, protective kit  

3. Delivery of the contracted equipment

3.1 In case there is any problem with your reserved material like damage or if it stolen, we reserve the right to offer you comparable material. 3.2 The Hirer takes over the contracted equipment (for example the windsurfing board, rig, other equipment) in a satisfactory condition during the normal opening hours of the station. 3.3 Any complaints on the side of the Hirer must be made by the Hirer either immediately after being provided with the equipment or at the latest before the Hirer uses the equipment for the first time.

4. Return of the contracted equipment

4.1 The Hirer is obliged to return the equipment listed in the rental agreement at the end of the hire period and during normal opening times to the station stated in that agreement. 4.2 The contracted equipment must be returned to the Renter in a satisfactory condition.

5. Rental period

The rental period is set out in the agreement and is in accordance with the confirmation of the Renter. An extension to the rental conditions can only be made with the acceptance of the Renter before the end of the existing rental agreement.

6. Authorized user

The board can only be used by the Hirer. If several persons, based on special condition), are permitted to use the rented equipment, then the Hirer or the other users have to make their names known to the station´s management at the time the equipment is collected. The further rental of the rental equipment by the Hirer to third parties is forbidden.

7. Rental price

The prices valid for the duration of the rental agreement are either the normal seasonal prices or any special offers made available at the time of the booking.

8. Payment

Payment is to be made at the time of booking and is thus due at the time of making the agreement.

9. Withdrawal from contract/cancellation fees

Cancellation : 90days ahead 40% of the full amount Cancellation : 15 days ahead 70% of the full amount Cancellation : 6 days ahead 100% of the full amount This clause is valid even for all other services that are booked over www.sidi-kaouki.com

10. Use of the Rental equipment

10.1 The use of the rental equipment is only possible during the opening times of the station. 10.2 The Hirer agrees to take care of the rental equipment during the rental period to the best of the Hirer´s knowledge and conscience. 10.3 The Hirer will use the rental equipment only in accordance with the conditions mentioned above, in accordance with the rules of the station and under the directions of the station manager, and will follow the appropriate legal, administrative and local demands at the holiday location. 10.4 The Hirer agrees never to leave the rented equipme nt unattended.

11. The Hirer´s Liability and Cases of Damage

11.1 The Hirer is liable for all damage which is caused by wilful or careless behaviour, especially for damage caused by ignoring both the company and local safety rules. 11.2 A release from liability cannot be given verbally by any employee of the Renter or by anyone empowered by them. Such a release has to be in writing. 11.3 The Hirer has to inform the relevant station manager immediately of any damage, accidents, theft, loss and another incidents and be able to give a full report of the damage. 11.4 In the case of accidental damage, theft, loss or inappropriate use of the equipment as well as by transgressing any obligations of the agreement, the Hirer is liable for the repair costs. The Hirer is responsible for the total re-supply costs of the equipment should it be lost completely, unless the loss is not the hirer´s fault. In addition, the Hirer has to make good to the Renter any additional costs such as those from consequential damage, devaluation, loss of rental income, rescue costs, insurance and administrative fees.

12. The Renter´s Liability

The Renter takes no liability for the Hirer or Third Parties in relation to accidents or damage which occur during the rental period.

13. Teaching and Rental Conditions

The Hirer verifies that he/she knows the proper emergency signals, that he/she is fit enough to cope with the physical demands of the sport and is able to swim continuously for at least 15 minutes in open water. Swimmers, divers and swimmers snorkelling always have right of way. The Hirer will be advised in the introduction to the area of the particular risks and dangers particular to that spot. The Hirer takes over the rental equipment as seen. The station/school takes no responsibility for hidden defects or construction errors. Any claims for damages against the manufacturer are hereby refused. The Station Team is there for your safety. Please always follow the instructions given by our team or you will be invoiced for any rescue costs incurred.

14. Lien

Any claims for lien on behalf of the Hirer against Chergui Kaouki are not allowed.

15. Salvatorian clause

The invalidity of any single provision does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.