Essaouira Surf Camps and Retreats | Essaouira windsurf and surfing camps for your holiday.

Essaouira Surf Camps and Retreats | Essaouira windsurf and surfing camps for your holiday.

Essaouira Surf – there is no stretch of coast in Morocco that can top the culture, scenery, peace, wind or the waves in this central part of the country. If you want to explore Morocco, surf packages, camps, and lessons are a great way to spend your holiday.

Essaouira is a friendly place to spend your holiday. However, those in search of the waves should be prepared to head a few kilometers south. There are 4 specific beaches you need to visit. To access these different locations, the most efficient option is booking through a kitesurf/surf camp . Whichever option you choose, there will be lessons and lots of time for practice. Most people looking to socialize and surf opt to travel with a surfing school, even if they don’t need lessons. The surf instructors and guides in Essaouira (and surrounding areas) know these beaches like the back of their hands and can give direction on anything you may need. Here’s what each beach in Essaouira offers:

Sidi Kaouki’s Marabou Beach |Home to the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station

The Marabou Beach is a great option for surfing beginners. The long white water makes for an easy introduction and the breaks offer both lefts and rights. It’s a great place to spend your first day if you’re feeling a bit rusty or want to ride some easier waves.

L’Qued Beach |Essaouira’s most rideable left

L’Qued Beach is known for its point break. Point break waves are awesome for surfers as they are generally longer, less intense waves that are constant in size and speed. At L’Qued, these break to create a nice, rideable left. It’s easy to paddle out here and is also a particularly good spot for longboarders and SUPers.

Imessouane | Take em’ to The Cathedral

Imessouane has two stellar parts to check out if you are a surfer. The first part is “The Bay”. Here, there is a long sand bar, so a swell is required for the most rideable waves. “The Cathedral” is the wilder ride just down the beach. The beach break makes for fast and fun waves meant for advanced riders. A short-board is best for these always-working, clean waves.

Taghinsa | Fast and Short

Taghinsa is another awesome beach you have to check out on this coast. This beach is also known for point break waves. These break left but require a pretty sizeable swell. The waves here are fast so it’s better if you have a short-board.

There are clear reasons why travel services and kitesurf blogs always recommend Essaouira. The surfing in this area is primed for any skill level and nearby beaches are ideal for surfing lessons. However, a great beach is not the only reason French and English travelers visit this beautiful area. The architecture in Essaouira is breathtaking and the authentic medina, harbour, and 18th century fort will leave you speechless. We are even a favorite city of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, and Cat Stevens. Taghazout and Agadir are popular areas to surf but Essaouira offers exactly what surfing travellers in Morocco are looking for. Even the popular tv show ‘Game of Thrones’ filmed a few of their episodes within the walls of this old city. Lest we forget the most important note of all, Essaouira was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2001.

To quote UNESCO, the city was “constructed according to the principles of contemporary European military architecture, in a North African context, in perfect harmony with the precepts of Arabo-Muslim architecture. It has played a major role over the centuries as an international trading seaport, linking Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa with Europe and the rest of the world. The town is also an example of a multicultural centre as proven by the coexistence, since its foundation, of diverse ethnic groups as well as multiconfessional (Muslim, Christian, and Jewish). Known for a long time as the Port of Timbuktu, Essaouira became one of the major Atlantic commercial centres between Africa and Europe at the end of the 18th century and during the 19th century”.

UNESCO has never been one to mention surfing in their write-ups of world heritage sites. But rest assured that the conditions and waves in the neighboring beaches are prime for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. It’s pretty amazing to ride in a place with so much respected history.

Finding a surf camp is prudent to your success in finding the best waves during your trip. With many to choose from, there is one clear winner. The Sidi Kaouki Surf Station is a perfect headquarters for you during your surf camp. We have a 4 story building with enough space to do everything you need – eat, enjoy ocean views on the terrace, relax, secure your belongings in a locker, find the right board for you, shower to get the sand off, and eat more…

The lower and ground floors cater to those who wish to rent surfing equipment. We have lockers, showers, and more surf equipment than you could even believe. Upstairs, we have a restaurant, cafe, and a large deck overlooking the beach. You can even catch a football game here at night. The top floor acts as a sun deck for you to find some tranquility and relax. The entire villa has Wifi so you can stay connected no matter which floor you are on. Our professional chefs can make salads, king prawns, hamburgers, tagine, and everything in between.

Surf Camp Essaouira Photos

Seasonal Conditions and Local Surf Breaks

The exposed beach break at the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station has reliable surf that is unaffected by the tide year-round. Waves are generally between 1 – 3 meters high which is very accomodating for beginners, but still challenging for those with experience. The beaches of Sidi Kaouki offer the best surfing conditions along the coast of Morocco. On top of this, the year-round wind reliability makes Sidi Kaouki’s beaches a world-renowned destination for windsurfers and kite surfers around the globe. Additionally, there aren’t many spots in the world where it is this comfortable to hit the waves. You won’t find sharp rocks, coral, sharks, or anything detrimental to surfers in the water here. Lastly, the Kaouki stretch isn’t the only beach to surf – there is serious variety throughout the surf spots that we have listed above. You will never run out of different waves to catch here.

Different Camps and Retreats

When joy is shared, it grows tenfold! Here at the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station, we pride ourselves on providing the most unique surf camps and retreats in Essaouira and Sidi Kaouki! Whether you’d like to spend your days doing yoga and surfing, or you want to set off on a cross-country surfing adventure, we have something for you at the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station. Read more about our hassle-free camps below:

Surf and Yoga Camps

Sidi Kaouki is the perfect place to recharge with a yoga and surf retreat. You will spend your days practicing yoga, meditating on the wide, open beaches and surfing in the gentle ocean waves. Included in this camp is a daily 2-hr surf lesson, as well as 2 daily yoga practices. Take care of your mind, body and soul with this relaxing retreat. Sidi Kaouki is only 20 km from Essaouira, so you can be sure to stop by this bigger city a few times during your trip.

Surf and Horse-riding Camps

At this camp, you will ride both horses and waves while exploring one of the most beautiful coastlines in Morocco! Starting in Sidi Kaouki, we will be migrating down the coastline in traditional Berber fashion. We will pitch our tents at a new place every night, allowing you to surf, relax and ride horses in multiple spots along this 6-day adventure. This surf and horse-riding camp provides an incredibly unique experience — one that you will tell your friends about for weeks to come after you return home.

Surf and Capoeira Camps

Experience a true Moroccan and Brazilian fusion with this Surf and Capoeira Camp. Capoeira is an African-Brazilian martial art that includes elements of dance, music and acrobatics. This is a total body work-out, especially when combined with surfing. You can learn how to control your body on the land and in the water with this action-packed trip that includes surf lessons and Capoeira training. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience.

Accommodation and Transfer

If you are in search of lessons or a surf camp in Morocco, our friendly guides can take you on a trip to ride the waves of any nearby beach. We can arrange your accommodation in hotels, hostels, or romantic getaways during your stay! Whether you’re an individual, a couple, or a large group of friends, we can arrange a stay that fits your desires. If you’re chasing authenticity, look into the one-of-a-kind Berber camping and surf experience.

Sidi Kaouki is the best beach of Essaouira

Exactly where you want to spend your holiday. Our staff (who speak Arabic, English, and French) offer airport transfers from Agadir, Marrakech, or Essaouira. On top of this, the Sidi Kaouki Surf Station will plan your meals and accomodation for you. If you are looking for a surf camp in Essaouira, Morocco… it’s important that you do it right! Remove the hassle of planning and book your surfing camp with us today! We offer great prices!