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Surfing and yoga in Morocco

Have a great Surf time to remember

Well, if you are a surfer and you are thinking of where to spend your vacation? Try to go surf in Morocco and in the same time book a surf camp. Taking a vacation alone or with your loved ones is always an amazing experience, but it can also be confusing at the same time. With Surf Maroc, everything can just be very simple. Morocco, the home of surfing and yoga has everything you require for a dream holiday. Considering the tall mountains, amazing surf camps, enormous desert, beautiful Atlantic beaches, the whirling dry winds and also the sumptuous oasis, a Moroccan vacation would just suit you and your surfing thirst. You can book surf camps while in this majestic nation in Sidi Kaouki surf station which offers all-inclusive surfing packages, equipment rental, and special themed surfing camps. You’ll also have the chance to taste of the delicious foods and fresh drinks and also do yoga. At Sidi Kaouki surf station, you’ll have an experience like no other due to its beach club and restaurant which is specifically designed for surfers. The story of Sidi Kaouki surf station goes all the way back in 1998 when Felix, the current owner of the surf station visited the town. The region had no passable roads at that time and also the place did not constitute any kind of surf station. Felix was carried away by the lifestyle and the quality of the surf and the wind which blew across. Later on, the guy decided to turn the town into a well-renowned surf station so that he could accommodate his guests and also enjoy windsurfing in the beautiful climatic conditions experienced in the region. 10 years on from then, Sidi Kaouki surf station maintains a very good record of being a well-known meeting point across the world for surfers to enjoy the water and also to experience some world class services being offered. Let’s have a look at some of the things that you’ll come across Sidi Kaouki Surf station.

Sidi Kaouki surf station camps

In Sidi Kaouki surf station camps, you will gladly experience a special time together in the waves and enjoy some fabulous moments which you will make lifetime sweet memories to remember. You will have lots of fun and meet people who will help you improve your surfing, kite surfing, yoga, windsurfing, SUP and all other necessary skills. You will find coaches and trainers who will assist you and make you feel comfortable in the environment. Here is some briefing of what you’ll find in the camps.

Surf and yoga

On the 13th of November 2018 to 20th of that same month, you will find a special way to harmonize your body and soul. Due to its reliable waves, uncrowded beach and laid-back vibe, you will come across an oasis of surf-inspired calm isolated from the normal day to day hustle of Morocco. There are several features which are all inclusive when you consider participating in surf and Yoga which include; Youll undergo 2 yoga lessons everyday,one surfboard and wetsuit, Essaouira sightseeing tour, transfer from and to Agadir, Marrakech or Essaouira airports, you’ll get accommodated in a traditional Berber house which is close to the beach, you’ll discover several hidden beaches for yoga and surfing, a beach party which has a campfire and you’ll also have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the surf station restaurant. it will be offered for only 560€. What a wonderful experience it is.

Beach riding and surfing

Experience the upcoming event which runs from 18th August 2018 to 25th of that same month where you’ll get to explore some of the most beautiful coastlines in Morocco, you’ll also get a chance to ride both horses and the waves. Discover untouched beaches and also enjoy the spirited hospitality of friendly locals. When you consider booking this special experience, just bear in mind that horse riding experience is normally required but no previous surfing experience is necessary. It will only cost you around 860€.

Surf and Capoeira

Starting on the 6th day of the eleventh month of this year, you will have the opportunity to Bring the African or Brazilian vibes in the region and indulge yourself with several activities on the beach and also in the water. With this special feature, you will be able to experience; 2 Hours Surf lesson per day Training units Capoeira every day, Surfboard and wetsuit, Essaouira sightseeing tour, 1 Hammam (Moroccan Sauna), Discover some hidden Beaches for Capoeira and Surfing, Beach party with a campfire Breakfast, lunch & dinner at the Surf Station`s restaurant. It will go for around 560€.

You can visit the website to view several other camps found at the surf station.

Explore around and enjoy yourself in the Moroccan beach and have the chance to become a surf star

If you are the kind of person who likes exploring around, then you’ll never lack something to do as long as you are around the region. Here are some of the things that can help you have lots of fun when you participate.


At this breathtaking site, there are few spots in and around where you can enjoy this art of surfing. Well, there are some parts which you can access with your normal car and others you can only access with a mercurial vehicle like a 4×4. If you are an amateur at surfing, in this surf camp there is a large sandy beach where you can practice all day. After you just arrive at this station you’ll see a beautiful right and left which starts at a reef. Well, not only the right and left of this gorgeous place that look amazing but also the south side which takes a big swell. Well, at this station, not only surfing that will capture your attention but also you will find small bays with nice waves which you relax and watch them flow.


Starting from beginner level to the crack freestyle or wave riding, you will find all these at Sidi Kaouki. Even better for beginners is that this spot has the best conditions for your first dry training. You don’t have to work yourself up trying to learn on your own since there are IKO level 2 teachers helping you to make progress on your kite surfing. You can also explore the endless sandy beach on your own without having to worry about any insecurities. When training on the body drag, constant wind blowing your kite will get it to the ideal state and make things easier for you. The water is safe enough that not even a single rock or stone will put your body state into any jeopardy. You will absolutely love the clean cracks on the beach break with good side-shore conditions to use the Atlantic as a playground. Anytime you wish, you can go into the waters where you will always find more wind than in the surrounding of Essaouira.


Sidi Kaouki usually belongs to one of the top rated world spots like sunset beach and hookipa, but what makes it quite outstanding and different from others is due to the fact that the place is more spacious and it has some nice waves. You’ll also find some clean water and some dramatic sceneries at your exposal for you to enjoy. Another important factor about Sidi Kaouki surf station is that you will find enough space to ride on the clean shore broken waves which are between 1-3 m high in the 5km bay. All these features sum up the fact that there are not many spots around the globe where you’ll find a lot of comfort to hit the waves.

Booking a dream holiday has never been easier but at Sidi Kaouki surf station, you can access it with just the snap of your fingers. It has a wide deal of packages and you can save money and time at the same time. With pre-arranged accommodations, rental cars, transfers, surf hire, and lessons, you will be having the moment of your life. The packages include; budget, adventure, luxury, couple, and family.

some of the packages offered in Sidi Kaouki surf station;

Budget surf package

This is a well-rounded and cheap surf holiday where you will experience all the fun without having to spend a lot of cash. Everything is catered for and you will stay in a homey room of our surf house close to the station and beach.

This package comes with;

  • A private room in our Surf house for seven nights
  • 2 hours’ surf lessons per day for 6 days
  • A surfboard to rent
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner at the Surf Station´s restaurant for 7days

Adventure surf week

Well, your main aim is surfing but with this package, you’ll want to discover more. There are a few spots around and we select for you the best activities which you can carry out to just feel at home.

This package comes with;

  • Accommodation in Feru for 7 nights
  • 2 hours of surf lessons per day for 6 days
  • Renting of wetsuit and surfboard for 6 days
  • 3 yoga lessons per week
  • Essaouira sightseeing tour for 3 hours and 1 Hammam in Moroccan Sauna
  • A guided bike tour valid for 4 hours
  • 3 location drop-off which guide to local surf breaks (pending conditions)
  • Transfer from and to Agadir
  • Marrakesh and Essaouira airports
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the surf station’s restaurant for 7 days

Couple Package

A romantic holiday does not mean lighting candles and drinking wine all day, but both of you doing what you enjoy with your fiancé. This is the right package for you! With, horse riding, surfing, windsurfing, and kite surfing, you can do whatever you enjoy doing individually and also together. This will definitely even light up your affection toward each other.

With this package, you are offered with;

  • Accommodation in the windy Kaouki or Abdla apartments for 7 nights
  • 2 hours of surf lessons per day or a windsurfing or Kiting rental the whole day for 6 days
  • Surfboard and wetsuit for 6 days
  • 2 Hours Horse-riding on the beach which can be split
  • 3 Yoga lessons per week
  • 1 Hammam (Moroccan Sauna)
  • 30 min professional Massage with Argan oil.
  • Lunch and dinner at the surf station’s restaurant valid for 7 days

Luxury surf package

With this package, everything seems just to come to light. with a phenomenal hotel and a mind-blowing pool. it can’t get any better!

This package comes with;

  • Transfer (from and to the Agadir, Marrakesh and Essaouira airports)
  • Accommodation in Windy Kaouki for 7 nights
  • 2-hours surf lessons per day for 6 days
  • A surfboard and wetsuit for 6 days
  • 2 Location drop-off which guides to local surf breaks (pending conditions)
  • 3 Yoga lessons per week
  • Essaouira Sightseeing tour for 3 hours
  • 1 Hammam in the Moroccan Sauna
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at the Surf Station’s restaurant for 7 days

Family week package

When you are Looking to have a relaxed nice holiday with your family, this is the right package for you. You will experience all the unimaginable action, fun, and relaxations. With your family with you, you don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to mingle with others since you have “blood-company” with you. At just an affordable price you can enjoy nature sports. The package is just valid for 1 week for 2 adults and a maximum of 2 kids who are 17 years and below.

This package comes with;

  • Transfer with a limit of only 4 people (from and to the Agadir, Marrakesh and Essaouira airports)
  • Accommodation in the windy Kaouki or Abdla apartments valid for 7 nights
  • 2-hours surf lessons per day for 6 days with a maximum 4 Persons
  • 4 Surfboards and wetsuits for 6 days
  • 3 Yoga lessons per week for parents
  • Age-appropriate childcare for 3 days valid for 2 hours which include; football, games, skimboard, trampoline, horse-riding and much more
  • Essaouira Sightseeing tour valid for 3 hours.

Conclusion of surfing in Morocco

The Moroccan way of life can be concluded as simply fantastic. With all the surfing and yoga in Morocco, surf camps around in Sidi Kaouki surf station makes surfing in Morocco even more interesting, the restaurants around the surf camps in particular and many other more attributes aside from surf and yoga. This only concludes that when you book surf camps in the region in order to enjoy the surf, yoga and many other cool activities, then you have a good chance of having a moment of your life in Morocco and leave alone the fact that you can become a surf star in the making. Visit Morocco, visit Sidi Kaouki and most importantly, visit Sidi Kaouki surf station.