Surf Rental in Sidi Kaouki

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Sidi Kaouki is a long open beach break with loads of punchy peaks and a bit of a reef at the river mouth and south end. Good shape on the right swells as long as wind is E quadrant.”

– [Stormrider Surfguide]

For rent we have all kind of boards:

Short, long and in between boards for beginners through to expert surfers.  

1 days9€15€25€
2 days18€27€45€
3 days27€39€64€
4 days36€49€82€
5 days45€60€100€
6 days54€70€117€
7 days54€80€134€
8 days63€90€150€
9 days72€99€166€
10 days81€109€181€
11 days90€118€197€
12 days99€127€212€
13 days108€136€226€
14 days108€145€241€
15 days117€153€255€
16 days126€162€270€
17 days135€170€284€
18 days144€179€298€
19 days153€187€311€
20 days152€195€325€
21 days151€203€338€

WINDSURF Rental in Sidi Kaouki

Everything you need to get you onto the water in a matter of minutes.We are no francaise company, so we have the freedom to offer you just the best windsurfing gear for your level and made for this conditions here. So we have Starboards and customboards from Whichcraft. In combination with “Hot Sails Maui “ and minimum 72% carbon RDM-Masts you are ready to make the atlantic coast to your playground


1 days70€63€
2 days120€110€
3 days160€145€
4 days205€180€
5 days245€215€
6 days285€255€
7 days310€290€
8 days350€330€
9 days385€365€
10 days425€395€
11 days440€410€
12 days460€430€
13 days490€465€
14 days500€470€
15 days535€505€
16 days570€540€
17 days605€575€
18 days640€600€
19 days675€635€
20 days700€670€
21 days735€700€

KITESURF Rental in Sidi Kaouki

Kitesurfing at Sidi Kaouki for all levels from the beginner to the crack freestyle or wave riding.

The conditions at Sidi Kaouki are perfect for your first dry training. IKO level 2 teachers helping you to make great efforts. Just a little bit easier. Endless wide lonely sandy beach without any risk in getting in trouble with anyone or anything even in training of bodydrag. Constant blowing wind helps you to get very fast a comfort feeling for the kite. Not even one stone or rock in the water will handicap you.

Cracks will love the clean beachbreack with sideshore conditions to use the Atlantic as their playground. Nearly everyday you will have he chance to go into water, here you will find always more wind than in he surrounding of Essaouira.

The right equipment is ready for you. From the trainer kite to the pro flat kite the new 2008 models from Airrush.

1 days60€
2 days108€
3 days154€
4 days198€
5 days240€
6 days281€
7 days321€
8 days360€
9 days398€
10 days435€
11 days472€
12 days508€
13 days543€
14 days578€
15 days613€
16 days647€
17 days681€
18 days714€
19 days747€
20 days780€
21 days812€

SUP Rental in Sidi Kaouki

We also have SUP (StandUp Paddle) boards for rent, both for beginners and advanced surfers.
Soft beginner SupSUP Wave Boards
1 days20€35€
2 days36€63€
3 days51€90€
4 days66€115€
5 days80€140€
6 days94€164€
7 days107€187€
8 days120€210€
9 days133€232€
10 days145€254€
11 days157€275€
12 days169€296€
13 days181€317€
14 days193€337€
15 days204€358€
16 days216€377€
17 days227€397€
18 days238€417€
19 days249€436€
20 days260€455€
21 days271€474€