Hot Sails Maui Smack in Sidi-kaouki

The new Smack is a highly versatile super duty power wave sail for all wave sailing conditions. The successful and popular Smack continues with a lightening of the upper parts of the sail.
This power wave sail has proved its versatility in a wide variety of conditions from on-shore mush to side-off walls of monster surf. Unmatched for strength and durability this sail can take a beating and keep on going. This powerful wave sail has an enormous tuning range that can handle wild and gusty conditions. The power is medium soft, and the sail is naturally quiet due to the lack of noisy monofilm.
The gradient construction focuses the strongest materials where they are needed in the lower portion of the sail and lighter materials in the top of the sail. In the bottom of the sail which receives the most abuse we have used the very strongest materials like 7-mil x-ply reinforced with Twaron yarns and tough SuperWeave Dacron foot panel. In the upper portion of the sail we use 5-mil x-ply that transitions to ultra light X166 X-ply and then to very light Dynamic Dacron in the leech where weight matters most.
The optically clear PVC window is now larger and has a "window frame" re-enforcement.

Smack Sails Features

5 battens still keep the Smack sailing smooth. The feel of the Smack is softer than most x-ply wave sails, yet firmly predictable in performance. The foot panel in heavy Dacron can be slammed against your legs with no damage to you or the sail.
We have kept a .55mm PVC window in the sail to ensure the ultimate visibility surrounded by translucent x-ply. So you always see what's headed your way. When you're in critical conditions, the PVC offer a crystal clear view, and that clearness will last the life of the sail.
Tunable sail shape is a strong feature of the Smack. This sail can be rigged with a lot of down haul if needed and not change the flutter free leech. When you don't want to re-rig, just add down haul for additional high wind control.

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