Hot Sails Maui Firelight in Sidi-kaouki

The revolutionary Firelight will transform the way you think about windsurfing.
The first thing you notice about the Firelight is its weight; at only 2.9kg for a 5.3m this is the lightest production 5 batten wave sail on the market today. Once on the water this is transferred into a light and direct feel in the hands, which redefines possibilities in your wave sailing. Whether you sail in onshore bump and jump or mast high Ho'okipa you will complete more moves, build confidence and develop skills faster.
The range was designed to rig on shorter masts compared to other sails in our lineup with the 6.0m perfectly suited to a 400cm and the 4.7m on a 370cm mast; this further reduces overall rig weight.
The key materials used are the ODL09 Technora and the super light C1295 laminate supplied by USA based market leader Dimension-Polyant. These exotic materials enable us to deliver a super light and responsive sail, which is built to survive the toughest of conditions.

Firelight Sails Features

  • 5 battens
  • Compact shaping with reduced mast length
  • ODL09 Technora and C1295 super light laminates
  • Reduced mast sleeve weight
  • Lightweight Crumple Zone
  • Option of Reef Edition (Ox Webbing above boom / reduced sleeve below)

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