Hot Sails Maui Fire in Sidi-kaouki

The new Fire is the ultimate wave riding sail with maximum control. The new Fire has been created to push the limits of wave sailing even further.
Lightened, but still very strong with more power the Fire becomes even more potent on the wave. The top section of the Fire incorporates our X166 super lightweight X-ply. This low stretch material reduces the weight in the top of the sail without sacrificing performance. The profile of the sail has been changed to increase the draught low in the sail and allow a wider range of sheeting angles. Also to improve power the sail outline has been changed to increase the area in the bottom half of the sail. Overall the low end is improved yet the sail maintains the superb handling on the wave it is famous for. The revolutionary Fire continues to dominate as the ultimate wave riding sail.
New Fire sail features: X166 super lightweight x-ply in top of sail. Improved low-end power. Cleaner, ultra stable shape. Larger area of heavy duty Dacron in foot.

Fire Sails Features

Six battens still keep the Fire rock solid. We are often asked why we continue with this batten layout and our answer is always the same: It delivers the ultimate stability and smoothest performance in real wind.
We have kept a 175-micron window in the sail to ensure the ultimate visibility. When you're in critical conditions, you do not want to be looking through a bunch of lines in Xply.
Precision sail shape is a hallmark of the Fire. This sail can be rigged with extreme downhaul if needed and not loose any of the precise feeling that normal rigging delivers. Great when the wind is not your friend.

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